Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery

Women continuously strive to look better in every country and if something cannot be changed by nature or at least not that quickly, they often choose to go under the knife. Rejuvenation therefore is a huge business and thanks to the developing techniques, a lot more surgical procedures are possible which a couple of years ago weren't.

But which ones are the treatments most women in the UK desire these years? We are trying to answer to exactly this question in our article. As plastic surgery is a very complex subject with different types of surgery and other cosmetic treatments, hereby we will represent some of the most popular procedures by type.

Non-surgical or non-invasive procedures
Botox is a treatment which is so quick and easy and can yet achieve such a change that it won't ever cease to go out of trend. Of course, there are lots of more complex fillers used in the plastic surgery industry, in order to fill wrinkles, but also to lightly fill up the face, the lips, modify the chin-line or to help achieve a more defined face structure. Botox can be chosen for a single or multiple procedures. The full on procedure is also often referred to as Non Surgical Facelift and it is an extremely popular treatment for all those who do not wish to go under the knife.

Lipotripsy is the little brother of liposuction and a great alternative for all those who just don't want to risk the whole surgical procedure. This non-invasive treatment works the whole body in order to stimulate the fat breakdown. This treatment is used on the arms, thighs, "saddlebags" and on the tummy. The treatment is rich in oxygen that will also help skin to achieve a more elastic skin.

Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular non-invasive treatment that aims to free one or more chosen body parts from hair for life. The treatment is mostly used by women for arms and legs; however, a growing number of men use this treatment to get free from excessive body hair, especially on the torso area. This is a multi-step laser treatment.

Mesotherapy is about injecting collagen under the skin in the mesoderin (middle layer) section of the skin to give it a whole younger outlook. This treatment is very popular for those who have a bad skin as the collagen fill totally clean the skin cells.

Dermaroller is a specific roller used with a specific liquid and with the usage of light laser in order to free skins of smaller wrinkles and to give it an overall fresher look. One can look about 5 years younger after such a treatment that makes it excessively popular. The treatment is also used as non-facial to remove stretch marks.

Surgical or invasive procedures: all those procedures that require surgery
Liposuction: Women always want to lose weight quicker and easier without putting in all that much work for it. Therefore, liposuction stays famous as ever with several different types getting created year by year. This surgery targets one or more body parts from where the fat will be "manually" harvested.

Tummy tuck / fat grafting: Lots of especially middle-aged men and women has a tummy problem and as after a certain age tummy fat is almost impossible to be diminished plastic surgeons came up with a great method of freeing patients from most of their tummy.

Brachioplasty is the little brother of tummy tuck using quite the same method to remove excess fat from the upper arm area.

Breast augmentation procedures: Millions of women want to have a more defined pair of breasts or would simply want a better-looking pair after having multiple kids. This surgery is by far one of the top ranked surgeries all across the world. The bad fated silicone is long gone: much more specific materials are used to improve the form and the size of breasts.

Rhinoplasty - Nose job is still by far the highest ranked plastic surgery purchased by tens of thousands of women also in the UK. As a different nose can give a totally different place, rhinoplasty is also considered one of the most transforming surgeries world-wide.

There are many upcoming surgeries, which have the potential to become top ranked. Here are a couple of these:
Chin implants: coming from Asia this procedure creates a more defined chin-line.Labiaplasty: to create tighter vagina/labia
Eye surgery: aiming especially Asians this procedure can dramatically increase the size of eyes.
Butt enhancement: the new biggest star in the world of plastic surgery butt enhancement is the new trend and a new must. Already thousands have tried this surgery that basically works exactly like breast enlargement.